Chef Thompson

Let your pans do the talking!

Au Gratin Potatoes

Hello food fam, I hope all is well in your culinary lives! That the food you’re eating is bringing you up, enriching your body, and bringing happiness to your life. We don’t want to treat food like air; just something you do to survive, you want to enjoy food, appreciate what it does to your pallet and body.

Eggplant Parmesan

Hey food fam! I hope all is well in your lives as well as in your belly. Because I know that a great meal can put you in a great mood, but the opposite is also true when it comes to a bad meal! So I hope you all are eating good food that will nourish and strengthen your body.…

Glazed Carrots

Hello food family! I apologize for the long gap between posting. I’ve been busy with work, kids, and trying to advance myself as a chef in the world. None the less it’s springtime! Time to plant your herbs and vegetables then use them to make good wholesome meals for your family! Like this dish made with carrots. I love carrots,…

Olive Tapenade

Hey food family, I’m in the mood for something salty, buttery, and delicious. Me and olives are close friends. They’re salty, tangy, juicy, and great to always have around. But when you need something more, make a tapenade. A nice fresh combination of

Kale Salad with Honey Dijon Dressing

Hello food fans and culinary enthusiasts, I hope you all have been well! I also hope you all are trying new foods, and new flavors, so that you can develop your pallet and truly appreciate food. I’ve been trying to incorporate more salad and vegetables in my families eating lifestyle, and what better way to start off then using kale.…

Minestrone Soup

It’s cold, who wants soup?! Me, me, I do! Whenever I go out to eat I can’t find a minestrone I like. when that happens when I eat out, I just come up with my own version of things. And this version I give to you, for free.All I ask is that you comment if you like it or not,…

Culinary Basics XII: Basil Pesto

Ahh pesto, is there a finer herb paste out there? If there is I don’t want to know about it because I wouldn’t agree it’s better than basil pesto! But we all have our favorites, but few are as versatile and useful as basil pest. So here’s my basil recipe, I hope you like it. It goes good with chicken,…

Broiled Tomatoes

Man, my garden is looking good this year! I love growing my own produce, it hasn’t been bruised from other produce laying on top of it at a grocery store, nor has it been sprayed with chemicals to stop its growth for shipment! Oh hey friend, I didn’t see you there reading, I was just ranting to myself about my garden.

Crispy Rolled Tacos

Hello everyone. Let me ask you, are you in the mood for Mexican inspired flavors? I am. Tacos are really easy to make in my opinion. So I wanted to try something a little different. Something like a giant taquito, or a small chimichanga. No matter what you call em they’re good and in my house we use uncooked tortillas…

Pickled Carrots

Love the summer, the heat, the sky, swimming, picnics, it’s truly a wonderful thing. The best part for me is growing a garden! I love making food in my house then going to the garden to grab some extra basil, or coriander, it’s great. Speaking of great, have you had pickled carrots.

Pesto Pasta Salad

Happy summer everyone! The weather is beautiful, nature is beautiful, kids are out of school which is and isn’t beautiful at the same time, but their days are numbered. In a couple of months they’ll be back in school and out of the street! My favorite part of summer is managing my garden!

Chicken Florentine Crepes

Hello to all you food lovers out there! I hope you had a good week filled with delicious meals, I hope you tried cooking something new and impressed people and yourself! I have another recipe I came up with, so I could use up the rest of the rotisserie chicken I bought!

Chicken Pot Pie

Good afternoon food lovers! I just got through making some crepes for dinner tonight and remembered that I have to post my recipe that I came up with this week. People often tell me that they want recipes that are easier, and quicker to execute, so like the simple recipe I came up with last week I have another one…

Lumaca Rigate with Meat Sauce

My wife always tells me to make simple recipes for people to try on my site. I’ll admit the Arancini recipe I did last time isn’t that easy and quick to make but it is delicious and fun to make especially with the kids! This one is easier and very delicious. The pasta I used is called “Lumaca”

Penne Pesto Pork

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this post finds you well, and I hope you’re in the mood for goodness! I had no idea what to make my family for dinner then I remembered I had some leftover pesto in the freezer that I made from the basil in my garden. I then saw some Italian sausage next to it and…

Chicken Fajitas

Good morning world, I hope I find you all in good health I also hope you all are eating good wholesome food! Food that will give you energy, nourishment and an overall appreciation for the vastness of ingredients we’ve been given on this planet. Like fajitas, they come from the earth, well not directly but in a way even though…

Riblicious Ribs!

I know riblicious isn’t a word, but it should be! At least that’s how I felt when I tasted these ones. I’m not bragging (I am a little) it’s just that when I concocted these in my kitchen then tried them, I paused, looked down and kissed my culinary hands!

Chicken and Rice Soup

Good day everyone, it’s is still nice and cold here in Utah. I’m sitting here with a blanket eating pumpkin seeds enjoying my day. Unfortunately my wife isn’t feeling to well. She asked me to make some soup for her, so I thought to myself ” why not make soup for her and all of you?!” So I came up…

Chicken Stew

Hey everyone, who likes soup? Me too I especially like beef stew. Of course this isn’t beef stew it’s chicken! I like chicken, it’s healthier, leaner, and flavorful. Why not make a stew out of eat. I used lemon verbena in this recipe. It’s

Layered Apple Crisp

Hello again everyone! I hope your thanksgiving was a good one, filled with many delicious recipes. I hope that the recipe you brought to the thanksgiving table was better than that other persons! C’mon we all have a family member or friend who always brings something that we wish they didn’t but no one ever tells them, I know I…

Collard greens

Mmm mm boy do I love my bitter greens! Collards, kale, beet, I grew up on these delicious greens and I hope you try them. Growing up my family would use ham hocks for the meat, but I like to use bacon! If you like them spicier add crushed red chilis once they’re plated. And when you place them in…

Roasted Turkey

Hey friends I don’t know if any of you noticed that I didn’t post yesterday like I do every Sunday. I hope someone noticed…it’s nice to be noticed! Okay man up self, I was cooking all day and I want to share one of the things I cooked, a turkey! There are many ways to make it and this time I…

Chicken Zucchini Soup

Happy Sunday world! I had a great week cooking at work  and at home cooking for my family. One thing I made them that they really liked was this soup. I like to experiment with food in an attempt to make something original and unique. But since food has been around as long as we have, it’s really hard to…

Beef Stroganoff

Welcome to another week of good food, good recipes (in my opinion), and good love for food all around! I hope your culinary endeavors are improving and you’re learning new things about food each day. This week I want to share my recipe for beef stroganoff.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Good morning friends, I hope your week was good. Mine was filled with cooking adventures at home and at work. I’m a sous chef at my job, but at home I’m an executive chef because no one can tell me otherwise! Haha! Okay, now that my power trip is done I would like you all to try this dip recipe.